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As a global supplier of high-quality marine paints and coatings, Hempel keeps your ship in prime condition, both inside and out, throughout its lifetime.

With a focus on product innovation, customer service and technical advice, Hempel has been a leading supplier to the marine industry since 1915. Today, we supply a wide range of advanced products, from fuel-saving antifoulings to some of the toughest epoxies in the industry. 
Advanced technical service
As well as innovative products and coating solutions, we have more than 650 FROSIO/NACE certified coating advisors on hand to help ensure your coating is applied quickly and accurately.
We work with all kinds of vessels, and supply coatings for newbuilds, maintenance stops and seastock. And, with more than 150 stock points, we’re able to deliver coatings quickly and efficiently to anywhere on the globe.

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Visit our corporate website for more information on our global marine solutions.
hempasil x3

Hempasil X3

How much will HEMPASIL X3 knock off your fuel bill?


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