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Hempel is active in providing decorative paints in certain markets of Southern Europe (Spain and Portugal), the Middle East and China. 

We offer a comprehensive range of products
Our comprehensive range of products include high-quality emulsions and enamels that, together with a wide range of various texture paints, offer users a broad palette from which to choose. 

The product range also includes primers, sealants and fillers, so customers can use a complete Hempel system to best achieve the intended creative outcome.

To complement the core assortment of decorative paints, Hempel offers a number of special-effects paints to create such distinctive surfaces as velvet or marble. 

Long-lasting coatings for the entire building
Our decorative paints are known and preferred by many building owners, architects and contractors. We have a comprehensive range of products for outdoor and indoor use, including paints for floors and steel structures. Our paints are also developed for various climatic conditions, including high temperatures, high humidity and wet locations,as well as polluted environments.

Hempel’s comprehensive Decorative portfolio include

  • High-quality emulsions and enamels
  • Texture paints
  • Primers and sealants
  • Special-effects paint
  1. Contex

    CONTEX anti carbonation coating systems is a range of acrylic coating systems, which have been specifically developed for use in the harsh Middle Eastern climate, providing the very highest levels of durability and pro active concrete protection. CONTEX anti-carbonation coating systems have been developed to provide the most comprehensive collection of coatings and finishes within the civil industry, providing both water borne and solvent borne systems in a wide variety of smooth, aggregated and non aggregated textured finishes.

    View our Contex EM and Contex Thermogaurd brochures here.

  2. Casa

    CASA inspires unique and innovative finishes for the exterior of your palace, home or villa. Its acrylic formulation creates a thick crack-bridging layer of durable protection which will withstand whatever harsh climate your property is exposed to.
  3. Topaz

    TOPAZ is a selected range of products that offers superior performance in a wide variety of product types, finishes, textures and colours, and can be used on interior and exterior surfaces. TOPAZ turns your decorating ideas into shining gems.

    Our TOPAZ brochure is available online here.

  4. Fusions

    FUSIONS is a unique, easy to use range that ensures your decorative painting effects can be beautifully, easily and consistently achieved. Choose FUSIONS to blend the best products, effects, designs and inspirations.

    Our FUSIONS brochure is available online here.

  5. Maestro

    MAESTRO range of products has been developed with the professional applicators and large projects and contracts in mind; it is manufactured with modern raw materials and formulations to ensure a product that meets Hempel’s quality performance criteria. MAESTRO consists of a range of carefully selected quality products in a variety of product types suited to the needs of the project market from smooth finishes for interior and exterior to textured coating for all uses.

    Our MAESTRO brochure is available online here.

  6. Strata

    Strata is a high-quality range of multi-layer flooring systems and coatings for ultimate protection of concrete floors. The name is derived from the extremely hard parallel rock layers of the Earth’s crust.

    Based on a century of experience in safe guarding assets from the extreme harsh forces of nature in marine and protective coatings, Hempel has developed the Strata flooring range to meet the most demanding specifications - with an eye on sustainability and life cycle costing to reduce the need for cyclical maintenance.

    Strata is the perfect solution for parkings, racetracks, warehouses, asphalt marking, factories, stairs and even aircraft hangars. The exceptional durability provides the ultimate solution to protect concrete floors.


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